Restore your relationship with yourself

Restore your relationship with yourself

Self Seeking Is...

a self-love hub, full of therapeutic resources and workshops to restore and deepen your relationship with your Self. Through Self Seeking, you’ll find that an empowered and loving relationship with your Self has the potential to transform every aspect of your life for the better.

Our Mission

We believe your relationship with your Self is the most important relationship of your life. And yet, no one really teaches us how to make this relationship a healthy and happy one. Your relationship with your Self needs more attention than a weekly therapy session can possibly offer, and that’s where we come in.

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To teach as many people as possible how to take charge of their healing, personal growth, Self-awareness, and Self-love on a daily basis. 
  2. To provide Self Seeking tools that are easy to use and easy to understand, whether you’re in regular therapy or have never been in therapy before!

Join Self Seeking School

The Self Seeking School is a monthly membership program(?) that takes you through a series of progressive, self-guided therapeutic workshops, with topics ranging from managing anxious thoughts to facing childhood wounds and setting boundaries.

As a student in the Self Seeking School, you will have access to membership resources anytime, anywhere. With an ever-expanding library of resources, we like to think of The Self Seeking School as your pocket therapist. Each workshop allows you to go at your own pace with options for reading and listening, personal videos, PDFs, guided meditations, practical exercises, and reflection prompts. In addition to the monthly workshops, you’ll also have exclusive access to The Back Pocket Guide, where we’ve compiled our therapeutic answers and advice to common client questions and dilemmas. [you can cancel anytime and final blurb encouraging you to join] 

The Self Essentials workshop

The Self Essentials

Your body, heart, and mind work together to create your day-to-day experience. This foundational workshop is designed to help you learn which one you prioritize, which one you neglect, and how to begin bringing your whole Self into harmony. Packed with therapeutic lessons and practical tools, it’s what we wish we had before starting therapy and where your Self Seeking journey begins!


For the price of ONE session, you get:

2 guided meditations

6 tools and exercises

15 therapeutic lessons (including both written & video content)

26 reflection questions for deeper Self Seeking

BONUS TRAINING: Get access to an intro lesson into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka “tapping”


Purchase The Self Essentials Workshop for yourself or someone who needs it and get life time access to ever-evolving Self Seeking materials. 

The Self Essentials

Your body, heart, and mind work together to create your day-to-day experience. This foundational workshop is designed to help you learn which one you prioritize, which one you neglect, and how to begin bringing your whole Self into harmony.

Feelings Bootcamp

Emotions aren’t just here to exhaust and frustrate you, they are direct communications from your heart. If you feel bored, lost, shut down or overwhelmed, your relationship to emotions needs some serious attention. Find your feelings, and you’ll find connection, personal power, and a meaningful life. 

Get out OF your mind

Are you distracted, negative, or stuck in your head? Do you ever wish you could “turn off” your brain and get a break from the mental chaos? You’re not at the mercy of your thoughts. Learn how to take responsibility for your mind and free yourself from every thought trap imaginable.

Meeting Your Inner Child

open up to life


Navigating Grief

It’s more than 5 stages

Access the tools to make it through any and all loss

Inner Parenting

The neuroscience of change

Become your own good parent

Body Talk

This living, breathing, feeling being is inseparable from your Self. Chances are, though, you two broke up a long time ago. Somewhere along the line, you began treating your body like the thing that carries your head from room to room. Like an object to manage, control, neglect or forget. You’ve forgotten how to listen to and love this body of yours. It’s time to break some habits and nurture your body for the first time in a long time. Let’s get you two back together.

BASIC Boundaries

Getting to know your Self teaches you what you’re responsible for, and more importantly, what is none of your business. Where do you give too much of yourself away, and where do you hold yourself back? Find clarity, freedom, and personal empowerment through this in-depth boundaries workshop.


Who can’t you stand? Which traits irk you beyond belief? Who do you see as “the enemy”? Judgment, blame, and criticism reflect our deepest self-rejection. Bring these rejected parts of you into loving awareness, and watch the judgment dissolve. In this workshop, you’ll find peace and freedom in seeing yourself in everyone, and discover how disconnection is the source of our most painful conflicts.

The power to change is inside of you

Your Self Seeking Guides

Madison Eshelman

Emotional Wellness Coach & Educator
"I am passionate about this work because of my own experience navigating my personal mental health. I felt so dissatisfied with my therapy experiences and once I figured out what worked for me and better understood neuroscience, I wanted to share it with everyone. Everyone deserves to feel empowered with their mental health. I want to help you get to the root of your painful patterns so that you actually feel your own power. "

Devin Bard

Licensed psychotherapist & Mental health coach

“I’ve been reading self-help books since I was a teenager, started therapy at 20, and have been in love with personal growth, spirituality, healthy relationships, and inner peace for the last decade. I’m happy to say that at 30 I know a lot about myself, I like who I am, and am better at loving myself than ever before. Do I still get stressed, insecure, and overwhelmed? You bet. And when I do, I trust that I have what I need to make it through. I'm so excited to share everything I've learned so that you can too."

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Self Seeking is for everyone

Imagine how different the world would be if every person took the time to understand and care for themselves deeply. How might the world change? How might your life change? 

It starts with you.

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