The badasses behind Self-Seeking

Madison Eshelman

Bad-ass/ Co-founder / Coach

Madison has a burning fire full of big ideas & big dreams. Never tell her something impossible unless you wanna fight. She’s passionate dancing & breaking the rules. You can find her gardening in her backyard, discussing philosophy, or seeing her 1-on-1 coaching clients.

Devin Bishop

Bad-ass / Co-founder/ Coach

Devin has the brain the size of Montana and with a great knack for detail & organizing chaos. She is able to bring structure to the endless flow of ideas for all Self-seeking could be. She’s passionate about waterfalls & crabcakes. You can find her journaling at her local coffee shop, interpreting dreams, or seeing clients in her private practice. 

Why Self-Seeking was born

Self-Seeking was born from a desire to make healing work more accessible and attainable for the average seeker. With therapy & mental health being more and more normalized (*clapping*), we found that so many people wanted to dive in but didn’t know where to start. Self-Seeking is a way not only to stream-line resources but to have a “therapist in your pocket” at all times. And while self-seeking can be completly self-guided work, we also wanted to have a place that provided online workshops with the option for 1-on-1 support along the way.

How it Works

Self-seeking is a series of therapeutic self-guided online workshops with topics ranging from managing stressful thought patterns, navigating trauma, or learning how to set boundaries. Self-seeking is designed to be a monthly membership program to provide learning resources anytime, anywhere.  With workshops and resources on a multitude of topics, we like to think of self-seeking as your pocket therapist. With this monthly membership, you get access to all go-at-your-own-pace workshops that include videos, audio lessons, pdfs, guided meditations, and reflection prompts. Within the membership you will find resources to use as regulating tools in chaos, as well as workshops for when you just ready for a deeper dive into yourself. And of course, with your membership you get discounted 1-on-1 coaching call bundles with the coaches/ creators, Madison & Devin. 

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