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Introduction to Self Seeking & The Self Essentials
Welcome to The Self Essentials, the foundational workshop where we share with you everything we wish we had known at the start of our own Self Seeking journey. Let's get into it!

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The Body & Your Nervous System
In this first section of The Self Essentials, you'll learn about your body as one center of being. More specifically, the functions and qualities of your nervous system. Your nervous system is deeply intelligent, helping you shift from calm and open, to alert and ready to act. In this section, you'll practice observing your own nervous system at work.

Nervous System Pain & Relief
For many of us, our nervous system is in a constant state of dysregulated. in Nervous System Pain & Relief, you'll unpack what dysregulation looks like for you, and learn skill for soothing your nervous system and coming back into balance.

The Heart & Your Emotions
In this section of The Self Essentials, we'll explore the function of your heart as an essential center of intelligence. Specifically, the value of emotions in guiding our life decisions and teaching us about who we are.

Emotional Pain & Relief
Working with emotions can be confusing and overwhelming. In Emotional Pain & Relief, we'll unpack our different defenses for dealing with feelings, and teach you some preliminary tools for identifying and coping more effectively with your emotions.

The Mind & Your Thoughts
In the final section of The Self Essentials, we'll highlight the power of the mind and it's profound impact on our day to day lives. In this beginning lesson, we will differentiate between thinking and mindfulness, and give you the opportunity to reflect on your own relationship to thinking.

Thinking Pain & Relief
When we are overwhelmed by thinking and disconnected from our body and our emotions, we suffer. The following lessons define mental suffering through a series of thought traps, and offer practical tools for relieving mental distress and finding "peace of mind."

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