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The foundational workshop to give every therapist and client a clear path to healing and integration.


We created a therapeutic resource for you to maximize your impact on your client’s healing and deepen their satisfaction with therapy 

You could access a practical shared language with your clients about their healing and integration

Your clients will be newly motivated, inspired, and challenged in sessions with you

You could feel confident with each new client, empowered with foundational wisdom and a clear guide for where to start

Your clients could go deeper on their own and have new insights between sessions

You won’t have to guess if you’re supporting your clients fullyyou’ll know you are!

We’ve got you covered! This resource has transformed our work with clients and we want you to have it, too.

IS this you?

You want more organization, direction, and clarity

in your sessions with clients

You wish you had a shared language with your clients
about their nervous system, emotions, and thoughts that is clear and straightforward

You have a client who feels lost
 bored, overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated in therapy

You want to take your clients to deeper levels of healing 
and are looking for a practical and fresh foundation to support you both 

Your clients are hungry for more
but you’re not sure what to share with them next

You want to offer your clients support between sessions
that is affordable, easy to understand, and go-at-their-own-pace




The foundational guide for clients to reconnect with their bodies, live from their hearts, and take control of their minds.

What's inside....

✵The Ultimate Guide to Self Connection✵

Module 1: How your body works

Module 1:
How your body works

✦The sympathetic and parasympathetic: A deep dive into how your nervous system functions and its impact on your personality and well-being. 

✦The 4F’s: Learn your unique style of responding to stress.

Body awareness practice: Questions to shift your attention to your body and reconnect.

Module 2: Reconnecting with your body

Module 2:
Reconnecting with your body

✦Addressing chronic stress: Learn the tell-tale signs that your nervous system needs some TLC.

✦Body meditation: Slow down, get grounded and listen to your body through the language of sensations.

12 tools for daily self-regulation: Explore fast and practical strategies to feel better, whether you’re mildly stressed or completely overwhelmed.

Module 3: The wisdom of your heart

Module 3:
The wisdom of your heart

✦The heart is underrated: Develop a greater appreciation for your heart as a center of intelligence and a guiding force in your life.

Taking inventory: Take stock of your relationship to emotions and heart connection.

Module 4: Navigating feelings and emotional pain

Module 4:
Navigating feelings and emotional pain

How and why we disconnected: Explore how you may be using avoidance to cope with overwhelming feelings.

✦Over-identifying with feelings: Figure out where you merge with, and react from, your emotions, and how over-identifying perpetuates a cycle of chaos and disconnection in your life.

✦The Feelings Wheel: This tool helps you label your primary emotions and get down to the emotions at the core of your experience.  

Bonus training: Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping): Connect with your underlying emotions and learn how to let them go in three simple steps.

Module 5: The power of your mind

Module 5:
The power of your mind

✦When thinking works for us: Learn how to tell the difference between constructive thought processes and the ones that make us feel stuck, helpless, and exhausted.

✦Taking inventory: Questions to help you reflect on your present state of mind.

Module 6:Thought traps and breaking free

Module 6:
Thought traps and breaking free

✦Thought Traps Overview: Learn about four different thought traps that unconsciously sabotage us and keep us stuck in our heads. 

✦Mindful meditation: Get clarity on your mental baseline by observing your thoughts in-action.

Becoming the observer: You’re not at the mercy of your thoughts. Practice shifting perspectives and find a breath of relief.

We're so excited to see you and your clients thrive!



✔️Complete access to the full, updated Self Essentials Workshop

✔️Audio, video, and written lessons for all learning styles

✔️ Guided reflections & tools for daily practice and integration

✔️Lifetime access to all materials within the workshop

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Most frequent questions and answers

Within 24-hours of purchasing, you will get a welcome email with your login information so you can get started as soon as possible.

Yes, including any updates we make to it in the future.

This is a go at your own pace workshop, where we recommend taking your time to sink into the material. However, if you choose to go straight through, you can complete the workshop in 2-3 hours. 

This workshop is comprised of an introduction to Self Seeking and The Self Essentials, six modules, and a lesson-integrating conclusion. Workshop modules include video lessons, written materials, downloadable PDFs, reflection questions, and practical tools throughout.

This is up to your discretion. Once you go through the workshop yourself, we trust that you will use it a resource as you see fit. In our experience, this workshop is useful for clients brand new to therapy and for those who have been in therapy for years. 

Refunds are not available for this workshop. We’re confident both in the impact it will have, and our ability to convey clearly what you can expect from it before purchasing.

Upon finishing the workshop, please notify us by sending an email to selfseekingcoaches@gmail.com. In response, we will provide you with all the necessary details for you to start providing this resource to your clients. Additionally, therapists and coaches who complete the workshop will be given  a discount code that grants a 20% coupon code to give to your clients  along with the relevant link for them to use.

Ready for be inspired and supported?



✔️Complete access to the full, updated Self Essentials Workshop

✔️Audio, video, and written lessons for all learning styles

✔️ Guifed reflections & tools for daily practice and integration

✔️Lifetime access to all materials within the workshop

Meet Your Guides


I am an emotional wellness coach and educator who loves helping people re-wild themselves. This passion came as a result of my own personal experience with grief, loss, depression, & anxiety. After realizing the missing pieces that were keeping me stuck, I’ve become obsessed with sharing what I learned with those who need it. My approach empowers people get to the root cause of their uncomfortable symptoms like anxiety, depression, relational pain, and low self-worth, by teaching how to return to connection with Self. It’s my greatest joy to help people break free from the mechanisms we learned to survive and re-discover their authentic and wild selves. My dedication to constant Self Seeking, and sharing what I’ve learned with countless clients has brought me so much joy and meaning.

Some other fun stuff:

I run a successful and beloved coaching business helping people all over the world feel empowered in discovering and embodying their authentic selves. 

I nurture my community through presentations and talks on emotional wellness. 

I lead in-person and online workshops teaching individuals how to get to the root of their psychological distress. 

I live bouncing between San Diego & Indiana with my cat, Todd. I love dancing half-naked in the sun, studying philosophy & spirituality, communing with nature, and moving my body. 


I am a personal development scholar and licensed psychotherapist for highly sensitive, high-achieving, and practically-minded seekers. My goal is to draw out the best in my clients, and help them access inner authority and embody their personal power. With tenacity and warmth, I share everything I’ve learned through years of study, trial and error, and transforming my personal pain into hard-won wisdom. Both my time as a devoted clinician and my commitment to growth and integration in my own life uniquely qualifies me to walk alongside the curious and the courageous in deepening their relationship with themselves. 

Some other fun stuff:

I am a licensed psychotherapist and personal growth coach, challenging and cheering on clients in multiple time zones since 2019. 

I provide in-person and online workshops to expand the emotional intelligence and relational capacities of professionals in male-dominated fields.  

I’m trained in both lifespan integration and EMDR to facilitate healing for clients with acute trauma and developmental trauma.

My favorite part of the day is that 3pm lull between a flurry of morning creativity and an evening playing with friends. I like to lose track of time reading tarot cards, feeling my feelings, and personality typing every reality TV contestant. 

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